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St. Mary of the Angels - Parish History

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St. Mary of the Angels



On January 26, 1946, Father Gregory Léger, O.F.M. said mass in Andover, in the house bought from Newton Rogers... which eventually became the rectory after the inauguration of the church on November 3, 1946 by Bishop Marie-Antoine Roy, O.F.M of Edmundston.

Father Dieudonné Massé, O.F.M. erected the first church in 1945-1946. He had an assistant priest, Father Roméo Cormier, O.F.M. who had returned to Canada from Japan after the war ended. From November 21, 1946 to June 25, 1948, he was stationed at Andover. He became chaplain of Perth Hospital at its opening in September 1947.

Father Dieudonné left Andover September 8, 1948. His successors were:

Sep. 1948-Aug. 1951:  Fr. Hilaire Tardif, O.F.M.

Aug. 1951-Aug. 1954:  Fr. Wilbrod Théberge, O.F.M.

Aug. 1954-July 1960:  Fr. Gregory Léger, O.F.M.

July 1960-Aug. 1966:  Fr. Samuel Côté, O.F.M.

Aug. 1966-Mar. 1981:  Fr. Norman Thibodeau, O.F.M.

Relevant dates in our parish's history:

November 3, 1946: Blessing of the church by Bishop Marie-Antoine Roy of Edmundston, followed by confirmation of about 30 youths of the new parish.

March 15, 1981: The Franciscans left the charge of the Andover parish. It was transferred to the Diocese of Edmundston. Father Alfred Irving, I.V.D. then became its pastor until June 1989.

June 11, 1989: Blessing of the new church, away from the flood zone.

January 20, 1990: Opening of the new rectory, near the new church.

Pastors since 1989:

1989-1995:  Fr. Pierre Thibodeau

1995-1998:  Fr. Leo Grégoire, I.V.D.

1998-1999:  Fr. Curtis Sappier

1999-2007:  Parish Pastoral Team (Fr. Curtis Sappier, Moderator)

2007-2008:  Parish Pastoral Team (Fr. Leo Grégoire, I.V.D., Moderator,

                    Fr. Gilbert Doddatto, I.V.D., Seminarian Andrew Mayer, I.V.D.)

2008-2011:  Parish Pastoral Team (Fr. Gilbert Doddatto, I.V.D., Moderator)

2011-....:      Parish Pastoral Team (Fr. Gilbert Doddatto. I.V.D., Moderator


Référence : Livre-souvenir à l'occasion du 50e anniversaire de la fondation du diocèse d'Edmundston publié par la Revue de la Société Historique du Madawaska (vol. XXIII, numéros 1, 2, 3 et 4), 1995.

Photo : Jacques G. Albert

25th Anniversary St. Mary of the Angels (Building Church)

St. Mary’s of the Angels (Click to Stop / Play)

25th Anniversary St. Mary of the Angels (Confirmation)

25th Anniversary St. Mary of the Angels (Dedication)